6 reasons corporate gifts improve employee productivity and motivation

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Corporate gifting is a great way to give positive reinforcement to an organisation’s relationships with its clients and employees. These gifts personify gratitude and appreciation towards the value that the receiver adds to the growth and optimal functioning of the respective organisation. While corporate gifting for clients is pretty standard, business gifts for employees can be a great way to boost the morale of the employees and ensure the smooth and harmonious internal functioning of an organisation.

When to give corporate gifts to employees 

Business gifts for employees can be given on a number of occasions like : 

Birthdays and special occasions 

You can give corporate gifts to your employees to commemorate their birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. You can choose unique gifts online for your employees from confetti gifts. 

Special work milestones

If an employee is producing excellent work results, it is a good idea to acknowledge their efforts with an appropriate corporate gift.

End-of-year gifting

Many organisations engage in new year gifting to motivate the employees to gear up for the next year while appreciating their efforts in the year gone by. 


Corporate gifts can also be given to employees on festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra etc. 

The top management usually chooses the correct time to give gifts to employees through a collaborative process. 

If you are looking for corporate gifting websites, you have come to the right place. Confetti gifts is a portal that pivots around the idea of making gifting unique, functional and quirky. 

Besides celebrating special days, corporate gifting for employees has a number of other benefits. 

6 reasons for giving corporate gifts to employees  

To foster long-term relationships

Gifts are an ideal way to translate your feelings for someone. When we talk about corporate gifting for employees, they bolster long-term relationships between the employer and the employee by making the employee feel acknowledged and valued. While selecting corporate gifts for employees, make sure that you give them something relevant so that they can cherish the gift. This also shows that the employer has taken cognisance of the personal liking and interest of an employee. For example, if your employee is an environmental enthusiast, you can gift him a green earth box from confetti gifts. This unique earth box consists of a wooden comb, wooden bowl, biodegradable toothbrush and a number of environment-friendly items, all packed in an impressive and reusable wooden box. The employer can personalise this thoughtful gift by adding a free handwritten greeting card to enhance the appeal of the corporate gift.  

To improve employee retention 

The ability of a person to function optimally is anchored to the kind of satisfaction they can derive from their work. By giving gifts to the employees, you can make them feel wanted, which will, in turn, reduce the attrition rate of the employees. Enhanced employee retention ensures that the resources of an organisation are being optimally used. Furthermore, the time and efforts spent on training new employees can also be managed and appropriated for other tasks. 

It is an excellent way to motivate employees

Through corporate gifting, you can encourage your employees to perform well by acknowledging and commemorating their outstanding perfect menace milestones with a gift. Take, for example, if one of the employees has done exceptionally well in a project and you decide to applaud her effort by giving her a gift. If she is a makeup lover, you can opt for a fantastic wellness and care combo box from Confetti gifts. Out of all the unique options from the category, you can opt for the hello gorgeous combo that has good quality grooming products packed in an attractive box. Moreover, if your employee is a foodie or an amazing cook, then you can gift him/her a quirky food dice to make their meal selection a fun process. 

It can enhance the quality of employee deliverables 

When employees are appropriately motivated, they give their best to ensure that the quality of their work stays untarnished. This bodes well for the overall success of the organisation. When an employee performs exceedingly well, you can gift them customize name lamp to perk up the appeal of their work desk. 

To create a positive and harmonious work environment 

When the employees of an organisation are working efficiently, then the ambience of the workplace becomes very amicable and smooth. A positive work environment will automatically yield positive work results. 

They personify value and respect 

By putting thought and attention into choosing corporate gifts for your employees, you can make them feel more inclusive. Personalised gifting gives the employees a greater sense of belonging to the organisation. 

Reports have suggested that corporate gifting has yielded substantial benefits for various organisations. According to a survey, 80 per cent of people have expressed their happiness with the positive effects of corporate gifts. (1

While putting together a list of corporate gifts, the organisation should keep price consideration in mind. Going above or under an appropriate price range can impede the purpose of corporate gifting and reduce the effect of the same. 

By harnessing the power of corporate gifting for employees, you can create a great company culture that will rub off on any client or employee who associates with your organisation. This will work wonders for enhancing a company’s reputation and goodwill (2). 

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