Gift Ideas For Those Hard-To-Buy For Friends Who Have Really Everything.

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When it comes to buying a gift for someone who seemingly has it all, it’s impossible to find something you are 100% sure that they either will genuinely like or they don’t have already. What makes the ideal gift? Something that will be helpful for someone you are close with or the people who have practical tastes, already own everything or tell you they don’t want anymore. You want something that is just not typically decorative or something similar to what other people have and maybe something that they might need but doesn’t realise.

Do you know someone who has everything? Then it’s time to give them something they don’t have. We have got you covered. Try these premium gift ideas for friends that will stand above all.

The kind of gifts hampers they'll never want to return


Imagine receiving a huge hug from your letterbox. Twelve amazing, luxurious and natural all uniquely perfect for helping to aid a wonderfully blissful night's sleep. Oh, and they smell divine! Feeling unsettled? Can't switch off? Fed up or feeling tired? These products work cordially together to help you have the perfect bedtime routine, calm the mind and relax your body. 

Coffee Addict 

Everything's better with coffee, isn’t it? With this hamper full of carefully selected premium brews, give your caffeine-addicted loved ones the perfect gift. Treat a caffeine lover to a whole hamper full of coffee-themed treats. Our Complete Coffee Addict Hamper has everything for real coffee lovers.

Chai Lover 

Are you looking for the perfect present for a Chai tea lover? Then look no further, one of our special Chai Lover’s Box is the perfect solution. Perfectly cute gift for anyone that loves Chai. Chai lovers will love this and you know it!

Netflix and Chill 

This Netflix and Chill gift hamper is an ideal gift for that Netflix lover, filled with goodies that make a movie marathon fun. Legitimately this hamper needs no occasion and works as a perfect gift option for anyone who loves Netflix! Filled with some classic treats, sure to satisfy everyone's cravings! Great to enjoy some quality screen time with your friends and family.

90’S Kid 

Know a 90s kid that you want to surprise? Get him/her this 90s special gift hamper that contains everything that'll remind your loved one about his/her childhood recollection. This 90s special gift hamper will surely be a visual treat and Nostalgia trip for your loved one.

Gift ideas for best friend for any occasion

There's nothing like the perfect gift to signify how much you value your best friend.

Needless to say , gifts aren't what describe your friendship , unless giving gifts is your love language to let them know how much thet matter to you. Here are some ideas which can be of use if you're confused about what you should give your best friend. 

  • Indoor Plants: As you are getting old and most of your time is spent on your work desk, Gift your best friend an indoor plant which can be kept on your desk which will always remind them of you.

  • Tumbler : There is no shortage of occasions to remind those special people in your life how truly awesome they are. The You're Awesome tumbler is the perfect way to remind your loved ones each and every day while they’re sipping their morning coffee.
  • Scented Candles  : This candle will take your friend's mind as well as his or her home in an instant. With a long burn time, this scented candle is great for relaxing after a long day of hard work and will keep the air around it smelling fresh. This is a great gift idea for that special best friend in your life.
  • Kindle :  The perfect gift for your book lover best friend, It sometimes gets tedious to carry books everywhere you go. Kindle is the saviour! These are the best, especially while you are travelling. 
  • Adult colouring book : Tough year? Colouring books are a stress reliever and actually gives a calming feel. This is one of the best gift idea you can think about giving your best friend.

Gift-giving tips that you must know:

  • It’s important to know what are the interests of your best friend, and what actually excites them! It has to be something that they want to use again and again and not just something that will be kept inside the wardrobe and forgotten that even exists!
  • Giving Gifts to a best friend doesn’t always have to be expensive, your best friend is someone who is closest to you after your family, so they know the value of what you feel for them and money doesn’t really matter to them.
  • Always put some thought into it, Gifts that have the most impact are the ones that have some sentimental value behind it. Your best friend is definitely going to value it, no matter if it’s a picture of two with the best memory or maybe a particular reference to an inside joke, they will get to know that no one can know them better than you! 


How can I make my gift unique for my best friend?

Your best friend has been there for you through it all: He/she has given you advice when you needed it most, celebrated your accomplishments, listened as you cried and created the most beautiful memories with you. When it comes to shopping for the ideal gift, it may feel impossible to find something that's amazing as he/she is. That's why we have gift ideas, whether it's his/her birthday, ChrIistmas or he/she celebrating a major milestone. When was the last time you told him/her how important he/she is? If you're not good at expressing your love, these thoughtful best friend gifts that are available on our website will definitely do the job for you!

Can I customise the gift boxes? Will this work?

 Of course! Giving someone customised gifts shows that you actually care about the person. We have amazing hampers which you can customise online and send to your loved ones!

Suggestions for birthday gift ideas for customization.

Sure, any gift you decide to give your family and friends will be graciously accepted ( since you have carefully considered their interests and needs) but there’s something about custom and personalised gifts that just knocks gifts -giving out of the park.

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