Camping any time soon? Here are 10 things we don't want you to forget on your trip:

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Camping any time soon? Here are 10 things we don't want you to forget on your trip:


1-Gauze Pads and Sterile Wipes- Injuries are a lot more common than you think 😉
2-Duct Tape- Super handy!
3-Paper Soap- So Convenient and more eco-friendly than wet wipes.
4-Trash Bags- Always carry back the waste with you!
5-Sunscreen- Skincare-always and everywhere!
6-Spare Batteries- Stay charged!
7-Medicines- No one likes a headache!
8-Hand Sanitiser- Duh!
9-Raincoat- Getting drenched while camping is no fun!
10-Matchbox/Lighter- Stay lit!

Don't forget to carry the fittest lip-smacking popped potato chips- TagZ on your next camping adventure!

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