9 Eco-friendly Gift Hamper Wrapping Ideas

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There are many ways to wrap gift hampers but the best gift decoration ideas include wrapping through the usage of eco-friendly ways and products. Eco-friendly gift-packing ideas are the only sustainable ways to wrap gift hampers and moreover these handmade wraps create a sense of personalization that standard wrapping just cannot replicate. 

What Eco-friendly wrapping basically means is a type of wrapping that is easy to reuse and recycle and is produced from materials that have been made using the least possible or no impact on energy consumption and natural resources. In most scenarios, eco-friendly packaging is designed from recycled and reused materials. 

It’s more commonly called sustainable and green packaging as well. At its very core, eco-friendly and green packaging aims at reducing the number of product packages created. One also has to keep in mind the complete process required for the actual product packaging that is used for delivery. No matter what the aim is, to get rid of the toxic elements utilized in the production of standard packaging or utilising biodegradable materials wherever required, eco-friendly packaging is a more safe option for individuals as well as the environment.  

Why is it important to go eco-friendly?

  • Eliminates Carbon Footprint. 
  • Assuming that most gift packing solutions are produced from recycled or reused materials, one is automatically eliminating their carbon footprint. In a few cases, the agricultural development of the natural option you’re utilising eliminates carbon as well, like bamboo. By way of reducing carbonic emissions during, before and after production and preferring energy-light resources, one’s sustainable packaging can provide a vital difference. 

  • No allergens and toxic materials
  • Majorly all standard packaging products are made from chemical or artificial materials, usually filled with harmful substances. These elements are not only dangerous to society but also harmful to the ultimate user. Eco-friendly packaging choices are not toxic at all, and often utilise environmentally friendly products that are allergen-free.

  • Convenience
  • Green packaging is more convenient to dispose of or reuse or recycle. It’s more often than not biodegradable and/or recyclable, providing the end users with a variety of ways to dispose of it away. An individual can do the same easily and quickly, by adding it to a vermicompost heap, recycling it near a regional depot, or repurposing it for some other object. 

  • Creates Goodwill
  • By dealing in eco-friendly packaging, one can position their brand in the minds of the consumers in the best way. Modern-day customers care about any brand’s stand on environmental impact, proactively identifying practices to make better decisions. One can attract a high number of potential and loyal customers through correct branding, which drives sales and retention. It’s basically about favouring transparency and showing the true life cycle of their products from the beginning to the end.

    Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas

  • Using brown paper bags to wrap the hampers
  • Newspaper is still the go-to option, but recycled paper bags are a terrific alternative for all of those who don't have newspapers or simply want to add a personal touch to the presents. Start by cutting the paper bags flat and use the plain side as the outer layer so that you can decorate it by writing a personal message, or drawing on it. 

    Brown Paper Wrapping

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  • Using the Furoshiki method 
  • Furoshiki is a Japanese packing material that has historically been used to transport items, but it has recently gained popularity as an eco-friendly gift-packaging technique in other countries. All you require for furoshiki gift wrapping is a flat, two-sided fabric and a few simple folding techniques. Many additional furoshiki present wrapping concepts exist as well, covering a wide range of gift shapes and sorts. Use an item of clothing you already own to make the most of it; search your wardrobe or scarf drawer for undiscovered treasures.

    Furoshiki Method

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  • Kraft paper
  • The majority of wrapping paper varieties cannot be recycled. Kraft paper is useful in this situation since it is both biodegradable and recyclable. When adorning a present that has been wrapped in kraft paper, let your imagination run wild. Adorn the gifts with certain stylish elements like handmade tags, flowers, stamps, etc.  

    Kraft Paper Wrapping

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  • Newspaper
  • Regardless of how many people are reading digital news instead of traditional newspapers, there are still some people who do so. Additionally, a lot of us have a surplus of newspapers at the house that are just ready to be recycled and repurposed.

    There are several ways to transform this straightforward and cost-effective concept into something significant. Consider searching throughout your pile of newspapers for something like an amusing or informative article that goes with the present you're giving. Or you might use a blank crossword puzzle as a location to make it more interesting. In case you do not have newspapers at your home, go and ask your friends or family members who definitely would have plenty of them. 

  • Gift bags 
  • A multipurpose bag might be utilised as a gift bag, to start. Anyone would be delighted to receive a present in an eco-friendly tote. Or even better, design a personalised sling backpack or tote that the recipient may enjoy using otherwise as well. If you enjoy crafting, there are ways to make your own reusable and environmentally friendly cloth gift bags. Search your closet for towels, shawls, shirts that you no longer use, and everything else that could be used again but still does not seem worn out or washed.

    Gift Bags

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  • Glass jars
  • You can locate a glass jar ready to be reused on your shelf, which makes this another wonderful gift-wrapping idea. Make sure to store jars that are empty the next time you consume them if you don't already have some on hand. Simply ask around again; chances are good that someone in your family or circle of acquaintances has some extra jars.Decorate the jar to reflect your personality by adding some coffee sticks, cotton candy, leaves, or flowers. Use any extra fabric from your old clothes to protect the top of the jar.

    Glass Jar

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  • Upcycling Packaging Box
  • One of the simplest eco-friendly gift wrap ideas is that you can use your delivery packages rather than gift boxes from the store. When you purchase gifts online from Confetti Gifts they will arrive in boxes that are precisely the right size and are suitable for packing.

  • Use twine rather than ribbons.
  • Without a ribbon or piece of tape for support, some items are challenging to wrap. To tie your package, use a strong jute rope or twine. They complement very well when you use newspaper or brown wrapping paper.

    Twine Rather than Ribbons

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  • Use flowers or leaves to decorate
  • Use a bouquet of dried flowers to adorn your package or label your present in place of a gift tag. Can't find any fresh flowers? Don't worry; if you look about, you can locate lovely and peculiar-looking leaves that you may utilise. Even if preserving flowers isn't your thing, you may still build your own little bouquet out of fresh plants and leaves to serve as a decoration for the present.

    Eco-friendly gift hampers you must try

    Your search for amazing eco-friendly gift hampers ends at Confetti. We have a few options that are definitely worth the money. Take a step ahead towards sustainability by gifting your friends and family our eco-friendly hamper 1 or the green earth gift box. Find sustainable products that are made using natural resources to not only support the environment but allow your dear ones to use safer products rather than chemically made products.

    Eco Friendly Hamper


    Confetti has listed down the best eco-friendly gift wrap ideas that you can use after shopping for gifts for boyfriends, gifts for girlfriends or wedding gifts online. Make it a practice to employ these adorable gift-wrapping ideas for all special present events. You now also have resources stashed up whenever you need them. Write down the concepts you enjoyed the best, give them another go, and then share your ideas with everyone.

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