How Do People Celebrate Christmas Around the World?

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Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ; a well-known and revered spiritual teacher and leader whose teachings laid the foundation for Christianity. (1

The celebrations began in the year 336 in Rome and by the ninth century, Christmas became one of the most sought-after festivals in the western world. (2

Regardless of its genesis, there are a number of ways in which people celebrate Christmas around the world. 

Why is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated as a testimony to the spirit of Christmas which is all about giving selflessly and rejoicing in that pious pleasure. 

This festival is all about valuing people around you and making them feel loved, admired and appreciated. (3

In addition to that, the winter season also plays a significant role in turning this festival into nothing shy of a wonderland. The chilly weather combined creates a gorgeous ambience to enjoy snug homes, bonfires, cosy clothing, hot chocolate and so much more. 

People love partaking in the feel of this festival and enjoying the whole vibe of Christmas. When we talk about the special feel of Christmas, we cannot miss mentioning the intriguing legend of Santa Claus who supposedly visits each kid on Christmas Eve with their favourite presents. (4) There is something so nostalgic, innocent and pure about this practice and people all across the globe like to enact the homecoming of Santa Claus in different ways. 

Regional celebration of christmas (Christmas around the world)

There are numerous ways of celebrating Christmas in different countries. Every nationality and ethnicity has its own unique way of putting together Christmas celebrations. No matter how different each style is, every soul that celebrates this festival is bound by the common thread of the beautiful Christmas spirit. 

  • Christmas in India 

India is a culturally diverse country and Indians celebrate the festivals attributed to each ethnicity with equal pomp and show. When we talk about the celebration of Christmas around the world, we have to talk about the way in which Indians celebrate Christmas. Many major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. hold special Christmas markets that exhibit a special display of food, clothing, decorative items and a well-lit and decorated atmosphere. People also indulge in Christmas gifting to express gratitude and love for their loved ones. 

  • Christmas in the United Kingdom 

In parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland, people usually celebrate this glorious festival for nearly ten days. Setting up a Christmas tree is one of the major rituals attributed to this festival. People start putting up the Christmas tree at the onset of December and the whole family decorates it together. 

There are Christmas markets, elaborately decorated streets and vibrancy all around. Britishers also make it a point that they are with their families on Christmas Eve so that they can bring in this festival together with their loved ones. 

  • Christmas in the United States of America 

Americans also celebrate Christmas with a lot of gusto. They set up Christmas trees and decorate their houses to welcome Santa Claus. Christmas markets are put up that are rife with beautiful products and sumptuous food on display. 

What can be given as Christmas gifts:

People from all over the world usually indulge in gift-giving on Christmas to express their feelings towards their loved ones. No matter how different people celebrate Christmas around the world, gifting is a common practice among all. 

You can choose from the following options if you are looking for Christmas hampers online

  • Christmas cheer 

This Christmas cheer hamper contains a shower gel, a candle, a bag of fortune cookies, a Christmas activity kit and various other ‘Christmassy’ things. This one is sure to bring a smile on the face of anyone who gets or gives this hamper.

Christmas is synonymous with candies, cookies and gingerbread houses. This Christmas hamper consists of different kinds of candies, a bag of fortune cookies, cocktail mix and a personalised greeting card. If you know a candy lover, then this hamper is bound to tug at the chords of their heart.

The charm of Christmas lies in cosy, warm and fluffy things and this hamper is a perfect personification of that. This Christmas gift box consists of a ceramic mug, wooden spoon, coin jar, teddy bear, hot chocolate mix and everything else that you might need to enjoy a nice Christmas Eve with your loved ones.


Christmas is one such festival that doesn’t hold a very preachy or rigid narrative attached to its genesis. Some people celebrate it to pay homage to the teachings of Jesus Christ, some celebrate it for the joy of watching  Christmas movies while some people like dressing up as Santa Claus and spreading happy cheer all around. There are many reasons and ways of celebrating Christmas around the world but the best part is that it creates a jolly atmosphere for everyone who celebrates it first-hand or witnesses the celebrations. 


What could be the best Christmas gift hamper?

The Christmas gift hampers called ‘All things cosy’ from Confetti gifts is the best gift that you can give to your loved ones, this Christmas season. The contents of this hamper will appeal to people of all age groups and therefore it can be termed an ideal Chrigufy choice. 

When it comes to Christmas, what is the most special part?

The most special part of Christmas is its spirit. The sense of selfless giving and inclusive celebrations are what makes this festival so special. Furthermore, the legend of Santa Claus is what entices children the most. 

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