Unique birthday gifts ideas for your siblings

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Shopping for your sibling can be difficult, and that is an understatement. You may know your sister or brother better than anyone else (they're virtually a built-in best buddy), but that doesn't mean you always know what gifts to purchase for them on their birthday. And, given that you've known them for most of your life (or your whole life, if you're a younger sibling), you can only come up with so many unique gift ideas before you start repeating yourself.

When you think about it, there are probably only a few people in the world who could steal (sorry, "borrow") your clothes, ground you, and reveal your secrets while yet loving you more than anybody else. And for those of you who have sisters, they are most likely at the top of that list. Every sisterly relationship is unique, but they are all based on unconditional love that extends beyond best friend status. Even if she's been your true friend since you were a youngster, finding original birthday gifts for your sister can be difficult. Getting unique birthday gifts for your sister is vital to demonstrate how much she means to you and how much you appreciate everything she has done for you.

Similar to a sister you may be as familiar with your brother as you are with yourself. After all, you both have similar childhood memories. You've experienced it all: the highs, the lows, and everything in between. However, knowing someone well does not make shopping for them any easier. When the Christmas season or his birthday arrives, you're probably overwhelmed and scrambling to find perfect  gifts for brother that will genuinely add value to his life.

10 Unique Gift Ideas for your Sibling 

Box of Annoyance

From snatching a TV remote to blabbering all your secrets in front of your mother, siblings are always there to annoy you no matter what. But they are real sweethearts to fight with. Make all those sweethearts feel special with a gift box of annoyance.

The box includes a Chill Pills Pack, Handmade Chocolate Cookies, Guess who's the fattest Mirror, Cards of insult, Melted Snowman Sparkling Water and a free handwritten greeting card of your choice all decked up in a reusable Confetti Box. 

Strawberry Short Cake 

For all the sweet tooth siblings this is a perfect gift to offer on their birthday. Surprise them with a Strawberry shortcake and make their day special. The strawberry shortcake box includes Hoegaarden Rosee Non-Alcoholic Beer Can, Strait Strawberry and Chocolate Straws, Hershey's Strawberry Syrup, Quadratini Raspberry Yogurt Bite-Size Wafers Cookies, That's my Batch Strawberry Cookies, HALO Freeze Dried Strawberry, Hoot's Rose-peppermint Candy, Yan Yan Strawberry Fun-Filled Biscuits and a Free handwritten greeting card of your choice. 

Best Sister Box 

This Grand Hamper is ideal for splurging love on your sister on her special day. The best sister gift box includes "Best Sister"-  Art frame, Hoot's Rose Peppermint Candy, Silver Glitter Pouch, Lavender Scented Bath Salt Jar, TONYMOLY Lavender Sheet Mask and a Free Handwritten Greeting card of your choice. This is one of the best gift box online for your sister. 

Singing in the Shower 

Everyday life is full of stress, but singing in the shower can destress a lot. With our unique 'Singing in the shower' gift package, offer your siblings some more reasons to sing and destress themselves. Rose Scented Pillar Candles, Conditioning Shampoo, Ice cream loofah, Bath Bomb and Free handwritten greeting card of your choice are all arranged neatly in a reusable confetti gift box.

Incredible Brother 

Your brother saves you from the mess you create and around. He is the special one in your life, to make him feel special on his birthday gift him an Incredible Brother gift hamper from Confetti.

The gift hamper contains an Incredible Brother Socks, Journal, Bluff Coconut Chips, a Cable Organizer and a Free handwritten greeting card of your choice. 


For all the chocolate lover siblings out there, give them one more additional reason to smile and stay happy with the Chocolicious gift box from Confetti.

The reusable matter finish gift hamper contains That's my Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies, Paul & Mike Coffee Chocolate, Nutella, Chocolate Diary and a free handwritten greeting card of your choice. 

Netflix and Chill 

If your sibling is a fan of crunchy, salty, and delectable snacks while watching a movie? Then let them snuggle up, and relax with a Netflix and chill gift basket to help them spend a lazy day. This is the ideal hamper for your sibling's birthday. The Netflix and chill gift hamper at Confetti come with Peri Peri, Cheese Popcorn and Italian Popcorn Seasoning, A pair of Netflix and Chill Socks, a Pack of Premium Popcorn Kernels and a free handwritten note.

Makeup lover 

This is the ideal present for your sibling who enjoys exciting fashion accessories and makeup products to complement her everyday style. A terrific way to brighten up your sister on her birthday.

The makeup lover box at confetti includes a Set of 7 makeup brushes, Colorbar Makeup Wipes, Holographic Eyelash Curler, Nykaa Nail Paint, a Holographic Makeup Pouch, a Makeup checklist and a Free handwritten greeting card of your choice. 

Yappy Unicorn 

This is a perfect gift for all Unicorn lover siblings. The Yappy Unicorn gift box comes in a reusable confetti box containing Unicorn Furry Diary A5, Unicorn Pencil Pouch, Travel Tag, Unicorn Pen, Candy, Rose Peppermint Candy, Pack Of Cookies In Bear Bag, Unicorn Clear Bag and a Free Hand-Written Note Of Your Choice.

Do not hesitate to go for this gift for both your brother and sister, we are sure they’ll love it!

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