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Your man deserves to be treated right every single day and birthdays are a great opportunity for you to shower him with extra love, care and attention. If your boyfriend’s birthday is around the corner, and you want to surprise him, we suggest you read along to discover the best birthday surprise for your boyfriend. We will help you put together the best birthday plans for your boyfriend so that he remembers the way you both celebrated his special day for a long time.

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You can plan a birthday surprise for your boyfriend by setting up an ideal and intimate day for him and you. This is a simple birthday surprise for boyfriends when you just want to relax and enjoy the day alone with him. Or you can make things interesting if he’s the type of person to enjoy parties, then there are numerous birthday party ideas for boyfriends. Whatever you decide, it will brighten up his day and provide positive reinforcement to your bond. If you are finding it hard to think of the best way to celebrate your boyfriend's birthday, we have got you covered. 

Here are some amazing birthday ideas for boyfriend

1.Delivery of Gifts To WorkPlace: Birthday planning ideas for your lover will become even better if you deliver a birthday surprise for boyfriend at his workplace or where he least expects it. This will enhance his excitement and he will be on the lookout for what’s more to come! 

2.Fly In For His Birthday: It’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder. But if you and your boyfriend have been away for too long, you can fly down to his city for his birthday or even reach his place at midnight to surprise him. This is one of the ways on how to make my boyfriend feel special on his birthday. We assure you that the smile on his face will be priceless!

3.Hire a Personal Chef: You can organise a candlelight birthday dinner or a romantic lunch with your boyfriend in your own backyard will surely gonna be a lovely surprise for boyfriend. Deck up the place with lights and flowers to set the ambience. You can hire a personal chef to cook his favourite delicacies for the birthday meal.


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4.Scavenger Hunt: If you are wondering ‘how to plan your boyfriend’s birthday’, an exciting activity for both of you and your friends can work wonders for you. Organise a scavenger hunt for cute and adorable gifts hidden around the area to surprise the birthday boy. This is one of the adventurous birthday plan ideas for boyfriends that your adventure-loving boyfriend would absolutely love.

5.Car Decoration with Balloon: It’s almost a no-brainer that your boyfriend will start his car to get on with his day as he steps out. If you cannot think of any other place, you can always decorate his car with balloons, put a cake in the boot (you can open the boot and put some decorations around the cake as well) and surprise him with this gesture.

6.Terrace Decoration: If you are thinking of a surprise plan for boyfriend you can use the terrace of his home or your place to put together a surprise party. You can get a chef to cook his favourite meal and even invite some friends to have a small get-together.

Terrace Decoration

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7. Dinner Gathering: you can arrange for a surprise dinner that your partner would never expect. Call over his close friends, get beautiful decorations, keep his favourite dishes on the menu and arrange for live music. There are various aesthetically pleasing birthday decorations for boyfriend at home you can come up with or even get inspiration from places like social media.

8. Dinner Date: You can opt to go on a date with him. You can go to his favourite restaurant and spend some quality time with him. Both of you can enjoy the delicious food and sip wine while recalling the amazing memories that you guys have made together. There is something special about a birthday surprise for your boyfriend in a restaurant that feels like a public declaration of your love for him.

9. Movie Marathon: If you want to keep it simple and cosy then a movie marathon under the stars and open sky. You can also have some birthday decoration ideas for your boyfriend at home to spruce up the space to appear more celebratory and boost his spirits. Create a playlist of movies that both of you love and arrange for tasty food and drinks which you can munch on while enjoying the show!

10. Surprise Birthday Party: The most typical yet traditional way to celebrate your boyfriend's birthday would be to call his friends and family to his house and celebrate this special day with them. You can make birthday plans for your boyfriend by adding up  some games, cake cutting, dance parties and eating food together.

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11. Plan a Day Out: A fun way to celebrate your partner's birthday is to go out for a picnic or to a theme park where you could enjoy doing all your favourite activities together. Click pictures, enjoy delicious food and cherish the time you have for the  day with each other.

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Well, birthdays are incomplete without a beautiful gift for your boyfriend. If you’ve been racking your brain thinking “What should I give my boyfriend for his birthday”, we’ve got your back. Why not give your boyfriend a token of love from Confetti Gifts that he will surely adore? Check out our birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend to get him what he wants!

If you have been racking your brains while thinking about romantic surprises for your boyfriend's birthday, we are here to help you make the best decision. 

12. Personalised Calendar: This customised calendar is 6 by 5 inches in length and consists of a base and calendar papers. You can get the message on the base and the images on the calendar paper customised as per your liking. This is a creative birthday surprise idea for a boyfriend and it is bound to bring a smile to his face.

Personalised Calendar

13. My Man' Box: This hamper is undoubtedly one of the best birthday presents for a boyfriend and would be a simple birthday surprise for boyfriends. It consists of a chocolate bar, fresh mints, charcoal soap, instant coffee powder, men’s perfume, a steel cup and a personalised greeting card. All this is enclosed in a fabulous reusable black gift box. This hamper will definitely appeal to your boyfriend and make the best birthday surprise for boyfriends.


My Man Box

 14. Amazing Boyfriend: No birthday plans for a boyfriend can be complete without gifting him something that can tug at the chords of his heart. This hamper from confetti gifts consists of cherry dragees, I love you messages, cufflinks, keychains, chocolates and a reusable custom box. This hamper has functional stuff such as cufflinks and keychains for your boyfriend along with a bar of yummy chocolate to personify the sweetness in your relationship. You no longer have to wonder “how to make my boyfriend feel special on his birthday” because this is the answer to your question with more in store for you.

   Amazing Boyfriend



Birthdays are always special. No matter if a person expresses it or not, but deep down, we all wish to be pampered and showered with extra love and care on our birthdays. If you have a special man in your life, you can make him feel extra loved on his birthday by chalking down a list of enjoyable birthday plans for your boyfriend and choosing the best option that allows you both to spend quality time together. 

FAQs on Boyfriend’s Birthday 

How to surprise my boyfriend on his birthday?

If you put thought and love into putting together even a simple birthday surprise for your boyfriend, he will definitely like it. While doing so, make sure that you put together a plan that involves stuff that appeals to him instead of overwhelming him. 


One of the best birthday plans for a boyfriend would include a surprise dinner or lunch where you say happy birthday to him through a handwritten message. 


You can take a cake, some flowers and a beautiful gift to your boyfriend’s home while going to wish him at midnight. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also take your friends along and surprise them with an impromptu party. 

What can I gift my boyfriend on his birthday?

Much like girls everyone including guys also wants to feel loved and pampered on their birthdays. You can get any of the aforementioned gifts for your boyfriend to express your love and care for him. 


When it comes to planning romantic surprises for a boyfriend's birthday and if both of you like acknowledging each other on social media, a cute and mushy social media status can be a great thing to put. You can write a heartfelt birthday wish and upload it as a status for your boyfriend.


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