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Hey eco-friendly folks out there!

We hate single-use plastic. Unfortunately, there isn't any packaging technology even today to sustainably pack snack products in nitrogen-flushed pouches. Therefore, in partnership with The Disposal Company, our first positive step towards our goal of #SustainableSnacking was to go completely Plastic Neutral.

Now,  we have launched our reusable canisters to reduce our plastic footprint further. Here are some epic ways you can re-use them:

  • Dal/Pulses Retainer- a perfect clear storage for your pulses in the kitchen



  • Shuttlecock Holder-Play on! Store your shuttle cocks.
  • Sapling Planter-Plant a sapling in your garden for all the TagZ you loved.
  • Piggy Bank- Save up all the money that you saved on the discount we gave you ;)
  • Cookie Jar- We don't do much sweets, but feel free to store your cookies in our cans.
  • Hair Tie Holder-Careless you, always losing your hair ties? Wrap them up on our cans




  • Mask Dispenser- Don't HAVE TO keep looking for your masks anymore
  • Stationary Station-stationary that is together, stays together
  • Snack Stash-Who doesn’t need this?
  • Tissue Dispenser- Essential for the late night rom-com binges



  • DIY Ball in the can Game-Can you get a ball into the can?
  • Photo Frames- Our caps transform into cute small photo frames too!
  • Decorative Vase-Be classy on a budget!



  • Memory Jar- A jar filled with all your favourite moments
  • Travel T-shirt Packer-Saves space and time!
  • Toiletry Holder- Don't leave your brushes lying around



  • DIY Illuminating Jars- A perfect nightstand for a sound nights sleep!
  • Kitchen Utility Stand-We love an organised kitchen! 
  • Tissue Dispenser- A must-have for the late night rom-com binges
  • Water Dripper- Your plant babies need some H20!
  • Document Storage- No more crumpled docs!
  • Bubbles Blower- Bigger the bubbles, the better!
  • Reusable Chip and Dip Holder- A party is never complete without some chip and dip!
  • Travel Kit- Easy and compact!
  • Dog Treats Jar- You loved Tagz. Your pets deserve some treats too. Store them in our cans.



  • Incense Holder- Make a one of a kind incense holder to wow your next guests!
  • Bottle Pouch- So creative!
  • Bag Clamps- Seal your bags in style!
  • Paint Storage- An artists best friend!
  • Bird Feeder- Be a birds best friend
  • Charging Cable Holder- Don't you just hate untangling the mess of wires?
  • First Aid Kit- Sort your meds!
  • Jewellery Storage- Your earrings and chains deserve it!
  • DIY Decor- Let's see how creative you are



  • DIY Bowling Pins- Transform your living room into a kickass spot for bowling!
  • All-in-one Truth or Dare game- What more do you need but a bottle and all the dares and truth inside it?
  • Key Holder-Where are your keys right now? If you actually looked for it, you need to get this. 
  • Candy Can- You deserve to have candy anywhere and everywhere!



  • Medal Holder- For those who just have too many!
  • Makeup Brushes holder- No more messy dressing tables!
  • Saucer Holder- A chill spot for all your saucers!
  • Shaker- Who doesn't love some shaken cold coffee?

If you care about the environment as much as we do, show us some creative ways that you come up with!

Tag us with the hashtag #42WaysToReuse on Insta/FB and win exciting rewards!

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