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Working from home? Here are some healthy and tasty munching options for you.

In these times of Covid-19, all those working from home can indulge in snacking more often than was possible at the office canteen. But such irregular snacking could result in unnecessary weight gain, and an upset stomach, among other issues. We understand the pleasures of working from home because there is no need to commute, and you can work in your sweatpants. However, 'remote working' or working from home can, on the other hand, present a unique set of challenges, such as distractions, a less productive work environment, and hampered eating habits, all of which can harm health and diet. Therefore, it can be challenging to stay healthy when you work from home. However, working from home and staying fit can be symbiotic if you make a few simple changes to your daily routine.

Here's a list of healthy winter snacks to enjoy while working from home

Healthy Nutritional Bars

Part of Wholesome Habits, Eat Anytime promotes healthy eating by combining nutritious snacking options with cravings satisfaction. So, here are homemade millet bars and protein cookies. These bars are not like the so-called ‘healthy’ products being sold in the markets, i.e. high on sugar, too processed for their natural goodness to be preserved. Instead, they do not contain sugar, have a low glycemic index, have no trans fat or cholesterol, rich in antioxidants, proteins and essential fatty acids. They also have peri-peri munchies and dry fruits, nuts, seeds in tiny packs, known as trail mixes. So, grab a bar next time you go for a long walk or dip into peri-peri munchies the next time you are caught up neck-deep in work and feel a little hungry.

Nachos Cheese Jowar Puffs

Those tea and dinner hours can give rise to hunger pangs, but that time calls for snacks and not heavy food. But readily available snacks are oily and hurt the stomach and waistline. Hence, the trade-off between tasty snacks and healthy snacks was difficult to surpass by Snackible. Also, healthy snacks were available primarily at high-end stores and were expensive. Therefore, they strive to add three new snacks every month. Some of their well-accepted snacks are whole wheat waffles, Himalayan black salt apple chips, seedy trail mix, hot wasabi peanuts, and baked bhakarwadi, besides ragi chips, nacho cheese jowar chips, dark chocolate ragi cookies, and Bombay chaat makhana.

Spiced Jaggery

The snack offered by Eat Better had their origin while experimenting and combining the generations-old food wisdom of Indian kitchens with modern-day nutritional needs. This spiced jaggery crafted from carefully selected ingredients are now manufactured in workshops, with hygiene and cleanliness at the core. This snack does not contain unhealthy preservatives, colours, and artificial flavours, which are familiar with other off-the-shelf snacks available in the market.

High Protein Peanuts

High Protein Peanuts at Eat Befikar is one of the best selling guilt-free snacks on the go. The philosophy is that diet is your bank account, and good food choices are your suitable investments. But it’s widely believed that healthy food does not necessarily taste good. So this snack food specialist has in its portfolio delicious snacks that revitalises the body with essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibres. Khakhra, peanuts, popcorn and nachos are a few of the samplers.

Popped Potato Chips

Say goodbye to those oily potato chips ― pick up a packet of popped potato chips from TagZ Foods. Dip it into some international gourmet dips and enjoy. These are not fried or baked, are free of trans fat, cholesterol, artificial colours and preservatives, and come with 50 per cent lesser fat than in other potato chips in the market.


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