Taking Guilt-Free Snacking to the next level!

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Every day, around 8 million pieces of micro and macro pieces of plastic make their way into the ocean, endangering wildlife, marine life and the health of the planet in general. In the Pacific Ocean lies The Great Pacific Garbage patch, an island that consists of plastic waste and marine debris which stretches up to 2 crore sqft.
Each packet of plastic that is thrown away contributes to a larger problem, therefore, we at Tagz Foods, In partnership with The Disposal Company, we will now be recycling 100% of the plastic that we generate!
Having to use single-use plastic never sat well with us. Unfortunately, there isn't any packaging technology even today to sustainably pack snack products in nitrogen-flushed pouches. So, here is our first positive step towards our goal of #SustainableSnacking.

Join us on our journey leading the snack industry towards a greener future!

Any ideas or suggestions are always welcome!

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