New Year Gifts

Find The Best New Year Present To Make Someone’s Day Special!

It’s that time of the year again when you start seeing Christmas lights everywhere and people begin buying calendars and diaries for the new year. New Years’ is a special time to celebrate with your loved ones as it bids goodbye to the dark times of the past year and welcomes the new year with hope. You can give your partner, family or friends a stellar new year gift that will let them know of your affection towards them. We have some of the best new year gifts in store for your partner, parents and friends. The Fine Wine gift box is a great New Year hamper for a couple. It is a luxurious hamper consisting of their favourite treats! They would be delighted to find this on their doorstep on New Years eve which would make for a memorable gift and celebration. You can also add a handwritten New Year greeting card for that extra special touch.

Make this new year more special with Confetti Gifts Hampers

New year is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning gifts for everyone. Although it might seem that you have enough time, you won’t know when the festive season will fly past you. Confetti Gifts brings you some of the most personalised new year gift hampers to make your new years’ special. You can give everyone something they like and it won’t be a monotonous gift. Find new year gifts for him and her, your children, and even your parents. Our gift hampers have many items stuffed in environment-friendly boxes that you can reuse. Instead of taking one new year present, get your loved ones many! You can customise every new year gift hamper to meet every need! 


Buy Fantastic Gifts For The Winter Festivities

You can’t think about December and forget Santa! Winter is coming and so are the delicious cakes, warm lights and joyful gifts. Get your loved ones some meaningful presents this Christmas and let them know how special they are. 

Send premium New year gift hampers for your loved ones to surprise them

If you’re away from home this new year and feel left out, you can send your loved ones some new year gift hampers from where you are. Think about what your parents like and send her a gift to surprise her. You can send your parents the Fine Wine Box new year gift hamper. This box contains some of the best new year gifts you could ever give your parents for a fun new year. You get Mr. & Mrs Unbreakable Wine Glasses, Red Sangria Cocktail Mix, a corkscrew, an opener, a knife of natural rosewood, and many other amazing gifts. Your parents will surely be surprised when they wake up one morning and find this amazing gift hamper at their door. This box also contains a free, handwritten greeting card where you can add some of your thoughts and tell them how much you miss them. When they open the gift box on new years, maybe video call them and celebrate this new year with our premium new year’s gift basket. If you decide to not give your parents this gift hamper, then maybe you can find this in one of our Anniversary gifts online categories and use it for their anniversary.

New Year gifts for girlfriend

If you want to express your admiration for your girlfriend and wish her glad things for the new year, then our new year gift hampers can help you get that message across in the best possible manner. The choco maniac new year hamper by Confetti gifts is an appropriate gift choice if your girl loves chocolate. The Nutella spread, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and other products in this hamper will tug at the chord of your girlfriend’s heart while tingling her taste buds.

New year gifts for boyfriend

New year is the best time to make your boyfriend feel pampered and admired. Out of fine wine, the new year hamper is a unique new year gift for your boyfriend. The unbreakable wine glasses, sangria cocktail mix, chocolate bar and everything else in this hamper constitute all the items that you will need for a romantic wine date.

New Year gifts for brother

Our siblings are our first best friends and New Year is the best time to express your love and gratitude for your loved ones through a new year present. The Netflix and chill new year gift box can be one of the best new year gift hampers for your brother. The DIY cocktail new year hamper will be an ideal gift for your brother. The bar tool set, non-alcoholic cocktail mix, a tropical recipe book etc. will enable your brother to play the perfect host next time his friends visit him at home. 

New Year gifts for Sister

Sisters are like God-sent angels who protect, guide and nurture you through their lives. It is always a good idea to express your love for them and New Year is the best time to do so. The Hello gorgeous New Year hamper by Confetti box will charm your sister as this gift box contains everything that will help her indulge in a relaxed and rejuvenating time. This wellness New Year's gift basket consists of a wine glass, scented candle, body yoghurt, coasters, a personalised greeting card and an exquisite reusable gift box.

New year gift for couples

It's time to wish glad tidings to all your loved ones including all the couples you know; parents, family or friends. If you are looking for a good new year's present for a lovely couple you know, we suggest you check out our range of new year gift hampers at Confetti box. The quirky Netflix and chill socks along with the sumptuous bag of popcorn will make your favourite couple think of you, when they unwind while watching Netflix at home. 

Choose from a variety of unique new year gift boxes at Confetti Gifts

Confetti Gifts offer you a broad range of new year gift hampers that meet your every need. You can buy the DIY Cocktail gift hamper for your friends and make some fun cocktails on new years. You get a bar tool set, sippin non-alcoholic cocktail mix, and an amazing Let’s get Tropical recipe book. You can also make it as a gift for boyfriend or gift for girlfriend.

On the other hand, if your sister is a coffee addict, you can give her the amazing Coffee Addict new year gift hamper. This new year present will be the perfect start for your sister’s new year. This hamper has a badge saying ‘Certified Coffee lover,’ some wooden coasters, coffee beans, a cup and a stirrer too. Isn’t it a dream come true for coffee lovers? You also get some delicious chocolate chip cookies within this box that make it even more enticing. Maybe you can start a tradition and drink some coffee on new years’ eve instead of a drink! This also makes for the best new year gift for a girlfriend if she loves some coffee.

Just like these, we have a variety of unique new year gift hampers that you cannot miss out on! All our gifts come in a reusable Confetti Gift box that will make for great storage too! 

New Year Gift hampers for corporate at Confetti Gifts

Let’s not forget that New Year's is also the time for corporate gifting. All your colleagues and work friends deserve some amazing gift hampers to show your appreciation for them. Build interpersonal work relationships with a Confetti Gifts’ new year present. You also have a high (sure shot) chance of winning the best Secret Santa award this year with the wide range of unique new year gift packages we have. Everyone will hope you’re their secret Santa next year! You can give your colleagues the Hello Gorgeous gift hamper to remind them to relax and take a break from work. Its aesthetic appeal is one-third of its appeal. Its useful products include an unbreakable wine glass, somebody yoghurt, rose bath salt, and even some scented candles. Isn’t this the perfect recipe for a weekend bubble bath? Confetti Gifts bring you some of the best new year gift hampers for employees

Personalised new year gift hampers to make the celebration more special

Confetti gift offers you a new year present for every family member. How? You can personalise your new year hamper the way you want. We give you personalised new year gift hampers for every preference. You can add and remove certain items in a new year gift box and replace it. Style your own box with Confetti Gifts. 

We have personalised gifts for every age. You can look at some of our amazing new year gift hampers such as the Candy House. Nothing can ever go wrong with gifting sweets to your loved ones and they make a great new year present. You get raspberry candies, gum ball candies, snowflake cookies, lollipops and many other sweets. This is for your nieces and nephews!  You can give the Golden Truffle new year hamper to the adults of the house. It has a glittery makeup pouch, popcorn, cookies, and coffee! 

How Confetti Gifts helps you in finding the gift hampers for every occasion

We not only have new year's gifts but gifts for every occasion. You can buy birthday gift boxes, mom-to-be gifts, Bride and groom gifts, gifts for wife, period pamper box, gift for sister, gift for brother, gift for husband and gifts under 2000 on our website as some of our most popular categories. These aren’t just new year hampers, you can buy them for every occasion, especially birthdays and anniversaries! Check out our website to get some amazing gift hampers. 

Why Shop From Confetti Gifts?

Confetti Gifts is a charming Indian gifting company that creates the most out-of-the-box gift hampers for all sorts of occasions. If you are wondering how you can make someone’s day special, Confetti Gifts has surely got a unique and personalised gift in store for you. We have a wide variety of thoughtful presents, organised as per the occasion, person and price range. You no longer need to compromise the quality of your gift for your budget, because all our products are made from premium materials hand picked carefully by our team. Gifting becomes more joyful with heartwarming and luxurious presents from Confetti Gifts!


What are some unique new year gifts for men?

Some unique new year gifts for men include our gift hampers! Men deserve some pampering and maybe instead of giving them the most obvious type of gift hampers, you can get them the Candy House gift hamper or the Hello Gorgeous gift hamper. 

Do you think customising a new year gift box is a good idea?

Yes, customising your new year gift hampers is a great idea to make your loved ones realise how much you know them. 

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