Stardust, wand shake and a wholesome treat!

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Stardust, wand shake and a wholesome treat!

Hey there! We’ve got some great news for ya! Here’s your one stop destination to snacking absolutely guilt-free. Coz what we have in store for you will not just work its magic on your taste buds but also blow your mind when you realise how healthy they are. (Drumroll, drumroll, drumroll!!!) 

Presenting to you, the best of its kind, unique and curated with love pack of Tagz Popped potato chips. Not yet wowed? Well you will be on finding that its gluten-free and 50% less fat which means say bye-bye to those oily chips. Plus unlike regular chips its popped. Using cutting edge tech, a sprinkle of stardust, a lil shake of the wand and lots of care we are delighted to bring you this tasty ,wholesome treat. A
nd if that’s not enough find out how we @Tagz take extra precaution to ensure our customers have a safe, hygienic and delightful experience, for dets-

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