The Timeless Tagz Tale

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The Timeless Tagz Tale
tagz tale

This is the tale of how Tagz as a brand stands for not just the unique tech we use to curate our Popped Potato Chips but the experiences we hope to share with our customers, the smiles on their faces when they take their first bite, the amused expression when we say “popped”. Its mutual. We enjoy listening to and supporting their sojourns, travel journeys, weekend recreation and much more. We’re beyond just a pack of chips, we are a brand that advocates having conversations, recounting experiences, encouraging budding youth, learning from the outdoors, finding for oneself, wandering…. In a world of mayhem, promptitude, eventfulnes we like to remind y’all out there, our family, to take a moment to cherish the memories you’re making in the process, and while one does that, they could definitely use a drink n some snacks :) what do you say, shall we pop open that packet then?

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  • We are a company that promotes dialogue, sharing stories, inspiring young people, learning from the outdoors, finding oneself, and wandering. We are more than just a brand of chips.
    We like to remind you all, our family, to take a time to savour the memories you’re generating in the process. One could certainly use a drink and some nibbles while doing that, so what do you think? Shall we rip open that packet then?

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