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Two of the major factors of the global increase of obesity include the prevalence of unhealthy packaged snacks and reduced activity levels due to sedentary lifestyles. 

Our mission to solve for both the above!

So, here’s what v  do about it - 

v use cutting-edge food-tech to craft uber-premium snacking experiences with a deep focus on innovative. 

& here’s who we are:

  • Our idea of fun is to stay active and outdoors, putting on those sneakers and heading for a run. 
  • V get our best sleep inside a tent and under the stars. 
  • Screaming the loudest with joy on top of a mountain and riding our cycle with the wind behind us is what we crave for. 
  • We believe life is better with headphones on but river rafting is music for the soul.  

Are you  one of us and enjoy travel, music, sports and the outdoors as much as us ? 

Do write back to us about your favorite travel, outdoors and sports stories, jam with us with ur favorite music.

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