How V craft our Popped Potato Chips...

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Each of our packs are crafted with utmost love, detail n nutritional science!
V sourced the finest quality potato starch n granules. V designed specialized piston-based equipment for the finest temperature and pressure settings. Our chips r popped in a state-of-art facility and seasoned with the highest quality ingredients.
popping steps
Our recipes r created for our uber-cool GenZ consumers who think with their taste buds but r smart enuf to decode nutrition labels and like to stay fit.
TagZ popped potato chips with 50% less fat are available in 3 familiar-yet-new flavors – Salt Trippin’ Cream Onion Divin’ n Masala Trekkin’
Every pack of TagZ contains 30 grams of delectable potato chips for optimum satiety. V hate the air-filled packs of potato chips that other brands make. Hence each of our packs are - More Chips Less Air
Each pack is less than 140kcal - within the Recommended Dietary Allowance for a snack.
That’s not all, each pack is crafted very carefully using a 3-layer packaging process with 120 micron thickness to retain freshness longer.
Btw, v believe the nutrition label is super critical. V do not hide them away in a corner, v print them loud, bold n clear. 

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  • Just tried the chips for the first me and pleasantly surprised by the lovely taste and good quantity. Keep it up ! Eating good chips for the first time : )

    Tam on

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