Why wud a snack brand call itself TagZ ?

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So, if you are thinking that TagZ is an odd-sounding name for a snack brand. You are not alone! We weren’t thinking 'snacks' while naming our brand. We were thinking of the best possible way to express ourselves as a GenZ brand. Hence, we chose a brand name which was inspired by the most popular internet lexicon for GenZ today - The Hashtag.

Why the goddamn Z at the end? Well, simply because whatever we say is unlikely to be understood by you unless you are Gen Z yourself.

The irregular fonts, the irreverent language and scant respect for upper-lower case rules - were all carefully chosen. To our unbiased and progressive GenZ minds conforming mindlessly to all these rules never made much sense.

We chose to go with black, white and a riot of other non-conformist colours. In our mind, we were always clear - this snack brand of ours was going to be no less than a rock band and hence needed the colours of one as well!

In all of this - the rules that really mattered to us - we don’t hide our nutrition labels away in a corner, we make them loud and bold.

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