Why are preservatives bad for you?

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Why are Preservatives Bad for You?

The food we consume everyday has a shelf life. This shelf life is usually about a day long or even more (if we’re lucky). Some large food companies have found a workaround and add a certain thing called preservatives.

What are preservatives even?

Preservatives are naturally occurring or man made chemicals that keep your food fresh for long periods of time. Most of the packaged food that we consume contain artificial preservatives that keep our food from rotting or spoiling. Basically, preservatives are added to our food to stop the process of oxidation and bacterial growth.

But isn't that a good thing?

Well yes and no. While preservatives do keep our food fresh by killing off bacteria, they also destroy the good bacteria along with it. This can lead to some serious long-term side effects. Here are a few:
*Can trigger breathing problems such as asthma
*Can cause hyperactive problems in children
*Continuous consumption of preservatives can lead to the weakening of heart tissues.
*Cancerous-One of the most harmful effects of preservatives on food items is their ability to transform into carcinogen agents.
*May cause Hypersensitivity
*May cause neurological damage

Oh no! Should I get rid of all my food?

No, but try to avoid food containing artificial preservatives. Snacks are no exception! Don't worry, this doesn't mean that you have to eat those boring so-called healthy snacks.

So what can I eat?

Funny you should ask, I know the perfect snack! TagZ popped potato chips with 50% less fat DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PRESERVATIVES!

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