Why this Kolaveri with Travel, Music, Sports and Outdoors!

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Two years ago when we started this journey called TagZ, we decided we will help urban Genz consumers eat fitter and that would be our raison d’etre. We also decided, as a brand, we would tell stories about travel, music, sports and outdoors. This is to make sure we also fulfil our mission to help GenZ lead a more active lifestyle and look beyond their mobile gaming screens and laptops. 

But why should a fit snack brand talk about travel, music, sports and outdoors at all? Shouldn’t TagZ be talking about its lip-smacking taste, its long list of functional benefits and tom-toming about its plastic neutral credentials?

 So here’s the backstory to it!

The first 30 years of my life, I spent doing what most 80s kids in India did. Ran the rate race of school, engineering and MBA eventually to land a fancy job with a large global MNC. Its only when I opted out of that race, started up 9 years ago (at the ripe-old age of 30 ;-)) – I saw life with a fresh lens. I discovered fitness through running, distance cycling , golf, boxing, trekking and hiking. I discovered true meaning and passion in motorcycling, camping, concerts and road tripping. 

Coincidentally, all this also made me conscious of what I eat without ever being on any fad diet. I realised that if I wanted to continue investing in all these passions of mine, I needed to stay fit. Eating right became a natural lifestyle simply because it was the only way I could continue to do things I loved. Of course, the problem of finding fit snacks continued. It wasn't that easy to find truly fit snacks in India, for those of us who think with their taste buds.

At TagZ, we believe that if we can help a new generation of GenZ consumers find their passion for a more active lifestyle we would automatically have helped them find the right reasons for eating fitter. Every time we are able to make a consumer drop a mobile gaming app and instead make time for travel, music, sports or outdoors we believe we are closer to achieving our mission. 

While we are doing our bit to help the urban Indian GenZ consumer discover a more active lifestyle, we have also done our bit by introducing innovative, lip-smacking and better-for-you snacking experiences for them. Millions of taste buds across the country have already loved our popped potato chips with 50% less fat. The fact that they have no transfat, no cholesterol, no palm oil, no gluten, no artificial colours and preservatives have made consumers switch away from the shitty fried chips. 

Along the way, we went on to become a plastic-neutral brand as well and are increasingly moving-away from single-use plastic. We cannot be thinking just about making GenZ eat fitter without thinking about the planet that they are inheriting from us. Hence, our focus on plastic neutral, sustainability and biodegradable packaging.

In hindsight, personally I wish I had discovered fit snacking and my active lifestyle a lot earlier than I actually did. The least that we can do as brand is to help this new upcoming generation have access to eating fit and all possible encouragement to pursue active lifestyle choices. That is our mission!


Written by:

Anish Basuroy

CEO and Co-Founder of TagZ

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